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Calling all New Jersey Paramedics!

Rescuing a Patient

For years the MICP community has complained that there has been no organization to advocate for the boots-on-the-ground paramedic.


The NJAPP board consists of only administrators and while membership is open to MICPs, NJAPP only represents the interests of the hospitals. The NJ EMS Council only advocates for volunteer BLS agencies within the state.


PANJEMS was founded by medics for medics and will quickly become the go-to organization for NJ legislators to call upon when they have questions about NJ ALS.


After recruiting as many MICPs from all over NJ as possible PANJEMS has formed a Board with a representative from each of the different paramedic programs. Each representative will be elected by PANJEMS members who work for the same program to serve for a period of (1) year. This board will at minimum hold quarterly meetings that will be open to all members where current issues in NJ EMS will be discussed and solutions devised. 

We will also work to establish a database within the organization of the various pay scales that will be organized by department. The database will contain base rates, shift differentials, bonuses, and years of experience so that when members attempt to justify "market adjustments" they will have the data they will need to obtain the pay raises they deserve. 

Mobile Intensive Care Nurses (MICNs) are welcome to join as associate members.

Initial application and membership dues for PANJEMS


We look forward to having you as a part of our organization.

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